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Tree Removal

Old and dying trees can put your and your neighbor’s property at risk. A falling tree or limb can cause thousands of dollars in damage, not to mention an incredible hassle. And tree removal is a big job requiring a good amount of expertise specialized equipment.

Stump Removal

Was there a mystery tree stump on your property when you acquired it? Did you chop a tree down and decide to cut costs (pun intended) by leaving the stump in place? We offer stump removal services to grind away and remove any stump at a price you can afford.

Tree Maintenance for a More Valuable Property

Many people overlook tree care when thinking of ways to increase the value of their homes. Actually, tree services are an affordable and simple way, not just to improve the appearance of a property, but also its value.

Folks in the real estate business have known for a long time that a large, healthy tree that provides lots of shade is a huge selling point for any home. In fact, a recent study in Portland, Ore. showed that a tree with a sizable canopy growing within 100 feet of other houses added about $9,000 to their sale price! Regular tree maintenance services like trimming, thinning and shaping are the key to protecting these valuable assets.

So whether you want to remove an unsightly old tree that’s become an eye sore, need some stump removal services or you’re looking to create more room for your next building project, we’ve got you covered.

5 Reasons to Consider Professional Tree Removal Services Company in Philadelphia

Trees are beautiful and a healthy addition to the environment, and it’s sad when one has to be taken down. Sometimes a tree is just in the way, and needs to be removed. Other times, a tree is diseased or dying and could cause more problems if left on its own. But before you get your chainsaw and start cutting that tree down yourself, call a professional tree remover, and consult with them about just what needs to happen. Why consult a professional tree remover?


Safety First

The biggest reason to call a professional tree remover is safety. It may seem easy to just fell a tree, but without the proper experience, you may not see limbs that could fall (on your head), or other trees that might be damaged. In addition, the tools required for tree removal can be dangerous. It is important that experienced people use those tools properly and avoid any potential injury from them.


Decrease of Damage

A professional tree remover can anticipate the damage that will be done by a felled tree and its limbs. Because a professional understands which way a tree must fall to minimize damage to your property, they can reduce the overall damage done, as well as the cost involved. It may seem more expensive at first, to hire a professional, but if the tree you cut down falls on your shed, your car, or your house, you’ll be happy you had a pro do the job.


Less Work for You

A lot of times, felling a tree seems like a really quick job. Just drop the tree and cut it up, right? Too often, a homeowner doesn’t consider all of the other branches, leaves, and wood pieces that will need to be cleaned up after the tree falls. Then there is the cutting, splitting, and stacking of the wood. It’s a lot of work to fell a tree and clean up after. A professional is prepared to take care of this and get it out of your way quickly.


Tree Removal Can Be Ugly

Taking a tree down yourself can be a messy process. If you have flower beds or other yard areas you have worked hard to make nice, a professional tree remover will help you save those areas and minimize the damage or “ugliness” factor around them. A professional will take the tree down and make the area tidy again, an important factor for many.


Your Tree May Not Need to be Removed

It’s also possible that your tree does not need to be taken down. It would be a shame to fell a tree in your yard that really only needs to be pruned or trimmed properly. A professional can tell you the difference and save you time and money at the same time.

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Whether you choose to use a professional tree remover or not, it is always a good idea to consult someone who has done this type of work many times before. Ask questions and make sure you are removing the right tree for the right reasons before you start to cut!

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